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The AALF five focus areas include:

  • Child Welfare – to increase the rates of our children living in safe, stable home with their families.

  • Education – to improve the educational experience – early learning to postsecondary- increasing the academic achievement and graduation rates of our children.

  • Economic Prosperity – to increase economic and wealth-building opportunities for The Community.

  • Health & Wellness – to promote holistic health and well-being in The Community.

  • Law & Justice – to increase the fair and equitable treatment of The Community; leading to reductions in disproportionate arrest, conviction and incarceration rates.

Utilizing the above focus areas as our guide there are five programs that comprise our focus on safety and restoration for people harmed by the criminal legal system in Seattle. Basic needs are met via the following programs:

  • Youth Education Liberation & Leadership (Y.E.L.L.),

  • Undefeated Athletes,

  • African American Family Gatherings,

  • TEENERGY, and

  • Student Athlete Preparation (SAP) 

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