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Current Partnerships:

AALF depends on partnerships and networks to achieve its goals and to sustain the work with our youth. Our partners are:

  • Southwest Youth and Family Service, who refers youth to our programs, and provide some therapeutic services in Project Y.E.L.L.

  • Guiding Academic Motivation Excellence (G.A.M.E.) teaches classes on basic skills that are missing for our youth such as personal finance and banking, goal setting, personal power, and accountability.

  • Northwest Industrial Staffing who provides training for entry level jobs, and mentoring to approach these positions.

  • Clear Sky Native Youth Council provides referrals of youth and trauma intervention practices.

  • Seattle Parks and Recreation provides space for some of our programs.

  • New Hope Missionary Baptist Church provides space for monthly meetings and hosts some of our African American Family Gatherings.

  • Community Day Center for Children, Inc, Black Child Development Institute, Black Community

  • Impact Alliance, Southeast Director’s Consortium all work together to make our African American Family Gatherings possible.

  • The Union provides space for meetings and workshops and supplies technology trainings and business/job shadowing opportunities.

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